27 week appointment

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27 week appointment

I had my 27 week appointment today and it went well! BP was 119/78, weight was up 5 lbs (total of 21 lbs), and LOs heartbeat was 144 bpm. The doctor said I'm measuring right on and we officially scheduled my c/s and tubal for January 21. It's literally less than 3 months away. I cannot believe it!!

After meeting w/my doctor, who was finally there, I had to have my blood drawn for the glucose test. I hate getting my blood drawn because they can never find my veins. It was no surprise to me when they couldn't find it. She poked me several different times and wasn't having any luck, so she poked down by wrist. It hurt more, but she got what she needed quickly and was done. Thankfully, I passed the test and my iron level was okay for today. Whew! I was so worried I wouldn't pass. I'm glad it's over. I got my sheet for kick counts today and a few free samples from Similac. Great appointment!

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Our babiess are cominggg!! Im happy you had such a great appointment !!

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Yay! I'm glad you had a good appointment! I'm sorry about the blood draw--my dr. office just poked my finger this time. I wish it could've been that easy for you!
Hooray for a delivery date!!!

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I hate getting my blood drawn. Speaking of passing out... Smile

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I'm so glad your appointment went well! I am sorry about the blood draw, they always have a hard time getting my veins too and hydration never seems to be an issue. Less then 3 months wow!!!

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I am glad your appt went well and you have a due date set!!!! that is really exciting!!!

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Wow you have an official date, yay!!!!
Great apt!