Always Hungry Anyone?

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Always Hungry Anyone?

Hi Ladies, I hope all is well.
Anyone else feels like a bottomless pit? I can't seem to get full at all. Then I crave something go get and then dont want it. I am sick all day and puke every morning. Everything in my house makes me nauseous my kids, husband and Daycare kids included. Anyone have any suggestions in what to eat to feel and stay full at least for 3hrs? Thanks Oh yea I tried ginger and ginger ale now it makes me nauseous!

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I'm not necessarily hungry all the time, but I force myself to eat to help curb the nauseus. Today, though, it's not working. I about threw up eating a granola bar. When I was pregnant with the girls, I ate a lot of pretzels and crackers and those seemed to help keep my tummy full until my next meal. Have you tried anything sour to help w/the m/s? During my first pregnancy I went to Motherhood Maternity and they had candy that was supposed to help, and suprisingly, it did! It was pretty expensive though, so I ended up just buying Lemonheads at Wal-Mart and sucking on those. Sorry! Probably not much help!

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I suck on jolly ranchers which seems to help some. Tums smoothies seem to help at times. Mostly I have just had to eat to keep the nausea at bay. Sometimes I throw up. Sometimes I don't. I am also taking zofran and the occasional phenergan. I found that benadryl sometimes helped with nighttime nausea. Last night I took zyrtec (not proven but thought to be safe) and it didn't help as much... so probably I was less nauseous with benadryl simply because I was sleeping. I also keep some food by the bed and munch on it when I wake up.

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I would just force myself to eat because it would help but I could not get too full because that would make it worse. But the last 4 days all my symptoms have gone away just tired now and have the ligament pain.

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I am hungry all the time and have been since about 6 weeks, but also nauseous since then as well. Mine gets worse if I'm tired so I'm thankful I can take a nap everyday. My doctor told me to try ginger pills and B-12 which I found in a liquid form and it's helped a little. I also use diet ginger ale because it's less sweet and sour candy and mints. I know with my last pregnancy, I was hungry but sick and didn't eat which made it worse. I've been trying to eat every 1 1/2 -2 hours, small amounts. Things like a cheese stick with pita chips, an apple with peanut butter, yogurt with berries and granola, a peach with almonds. Sometimes, something salty can help. Hope some of this helps and hope you feel better soon.