Anterior low lying placetna

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Anterior low lying placetna

Just wondering of anyone else has had this? They told me when I went for my u/s at 19 weeks that I had an anterior low laying placenta, but wouldn't/couldn't give me the specific measurements,they just said that in order to have a vaginal birth it would have to be more then 2cm away from my cervix. Well I had a OB appt today and she told me that it is 1.3cm from my cervix. She's booked me for another u/s at 30 weeks to see if it moves away as I grow bigger. Just wondering if anyone else has had this, and if it moved for them?

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I have not had any personal experience with it, but on previous BB I've known other mamas that have had this issue and it has moved for them. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that it moves up for you!!

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I haven't personally had this, but a friend of mine did who had a daughter last year. Her's was diagnosed around the time of her NT scan, but it moved and she was able to have a vaginal birth. I thought I read in a pregnancy book that it's somewhere in the late 20 or 30 week marks that they consider it problematic as far as vaginal deliveries?

I hope it's moved by the time 30 weeks comes along. That's a good amount of time for things to expand enough that it can shift to a new "home".

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With my first pregnancy they told me I had a low lying placenta at my big US. They scheduled me for another one around 30 weeks and it was ok (moved up). It had me worried but all was good in my 3rd tri.
Well this time too, at my big US they told me the same thing... low lying placenta... but this time I'm not worried.... I'm going back around 30 weeks for another US and I'm hoping it will end up being the same as with my first.
My sis had the same diagnostic and was ok around 30 weeks... so try not to worry too much.