Anyone else with cramps... making me worry about mc

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Anyone else with cramps... making me worry about mc

I am sure you all have cramps, but mine are really hurting. I remember thinking last time I was sure I had an ectopic because of the cramping, and there is a decent chance I am pregnant with twins, but it is enough to wake me up. Had a dream about a miscarriage, though it was funny, even in my dream I was upbeat (well, at least I can drink wine). Of course after everything we have been through it would be devastating.

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Hope you don't mind my input. I had HORRIBLE cramps during my pregnancy - my midwife said it isn't uncommon among first time Moms, because so many tissues are stretching out for the first time. I was fine, and my son is perfect. GL!

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I've had horrible cramps too. With DD, they were annoying in the beginning but nothing like this time around. I had a lot of right sided pain so I ended up going into my MW's office last week at their request to make sure. They weren't worried about the overall cramping I had but just the one sided stuff. They said it didn't seem too likely to be ectopic because the only symptom was the cramping but they ordered a u/s anyway.

Little bean is right where it should be. I told them how the cramps I get double me over in pain and are almost comparable to labor pains and they said it's normal, and actually said it's worse with each pregnancy. The one sided pain was from a cyst from my left ovary that ended up under my uterus (they can move I guess).

I'd say if you're really concerned it can't hurt to call and see what they think just to put your mind at ease.

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I'm sorry you're cramping, but like pp have said. It's very normal in early pregnancy, especially w/first time mamas. It's just our body's way of making room for baby. Hang in there hun!!

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I am not a first time mamma, but it might be twins this time. My ticker doesn't show my 3.5 year old DS because I am on the fertility board and I don't want to have two siggies.

I had cramping last time, but I don't remember all night cramping that actually seemed worse than a period. But it probably was.

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:oops: Sorry! I didn't realize. When is your first appoinment? Could you possibly call your doctor or nurse and get their opinion? Hang in there!

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*lurker* I had cramping, but it wasn't worse than af cramping. I always called my RE when I had cramping and spotting. I hope everything is OK and that it's just stretching pains.

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*hugs* Tiffany, I know you are so worried. I remember lots of cramping in the middle with my first, and lots of different cramping/pain with my second. With my second, there was so much on the right side, I was worried about ectopic. It turned out baby was in the right place, and during the pregnancy it eventually went away. I think if you are having twins, your uterus is just expanding so fast, maybe that is causing the intense cramping.

If it makes you feel any better, I am having a hard time remembering what/when/how much happened with my other successful pregnancies, too. And I'm questioning everything this time because of the emotional, physical, financial investment this has been.

I would second the suggestion about calling the RE and explaining what is going on. Maybe they would run another blood test for you for peace of mind. You do have a long wait for your ultrasound.

Hang in there.....chances are everything is fine. Please call your doctor for some reassurance. Keep us posted.

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Thanks everyone for the advice. Unless I am bleeding, I am going to wait until my 7w ultrasound. I know that sounds awful, but the only good news I can think of would be to get to see or hear my baby's heartbeat. And for that, I must wait. I am only 4w6d. If something really is going badly, that is not really going to change no matter what I do. I'll stop fretting and try to relax.

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well if it helps im 7w4d and have yet to see a doc and have light cramping. but my MIL is an OB nurse and says when i feel it to lay down with elevated feet until it goes away and then try and do less. she says not to worry its probly just stretching and growing and that the cramps are my body's way of saying i need to rest more.

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"sweetsriracha" wrote:


Hope you don't mind my input. I had HORRIBLE cramps during my pregnancy - my midwife said it isn't uncommon among first time Moms, because so many tissues are stretching out for the first time. I was fine, and my son is perfect. GL!

Thinking back on it, I think I had some cramping like this with my daughter too.

I've been having stretching feeling type cramps so far, but I'm still really early. I think they hurt a bit more at around 6 weeks and later through out the pregnancy.

To OP: Have you thought of calling an advice nurse or seeing your doctor? It might help ease your anxiety to hear that this is normal from a nurse or doctor. I hope the cramping feels better soon. Like Sweets says, I think it's normal.

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I'm having lots of cramping, just on my right side. It's definitely enough to make me sit up and take notice and has woken me out of a sleep before. If I get spotting with the cramping I'm going into the ER (had losses in September and February), but otherwise I'll just wait until my u/s at 8 weeks.

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Oh Tiffany... I know how you feel.... I have spotting on and off.... and cramping on the right side.... urggg. hate it! My MW says its normal in the begginning of pregnancy .... plus I had spotting with my first pregnancy ...
But I'm stressed out too...
Sorry you are going through this... hope you have a nice US at 7 weeks!!

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I hope those cramps ease up soon! I also have cramps. Not all the time, but when I get them I run to the bathroom to make sure I'm not bleeding. I had them with DD too.