Anyone else having trouble coming up with names?!

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Anyone else having trouble coming up with names?!

It seems like a lot of you already have your names picked out... I'm so jealous! DH and I just cannot agree at all. I have a list of about 15 girls names and about 10 boys names and he doesn't like any of them!! He has only given me one boys name he likes, and I hate it. I know we still have lots of time, but I'm really getting super frustrated!

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Our girl's name is picked out: Heidi Sara
But for our boy's name... I am not decided yet.... we are thinking Micah William.... but not sure yet....
We always had a hard time with boys name!!!

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We have an idea on the names that we like, but we're not totally decided yet.

My husband seems to be totally open on girls names and doesn't seem to want to budge with the boy name we have. I like the boy name, but I don't know if I'm decided on whether I want to use it or not. But whenever I suggest anything else, he literally cringes. Lol Like any OTHER boy name is just HORRIBLE. Blum 3 I'm not coming up with off the wall names, either.

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We got lucky with this baby because we had our boy name picked out with DD. If this has been another girl, we'd be in the same boat as you as DH never "loves" the names I do.

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Yeah we don't like any of our names but I think it is because we don't know the sex yet so we are having a hard time getting connected to any names.

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We have had a terrible time coming up with names for both of our kids. DD1 wasn't decided on until after she was born, although we had agreed on one name. DD2 had her name changed at midnight the night before my csection. I think we have the middle name agreed upon already regardless of boy or girl, but I'm dreading having to agree on another first name!