Is anyone pumping?

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Is anyone pumping?

Just wondering if anyone who is BF is pumping as well?? How much do you give your LO? My nipples are still so sore, with new blisters developing daily. I've been to the LC a couple times and she assures me that DS is a "perfect nurser" He's got a great latch, but I am still in so much pain! So the last 2 days I've pumped and given a couple bottles just to give my boobs a break! The first time I gave him 3oz, but he didn't settle very good with that, so today I gave him 4oz and he has been sleeping since. But doesn't that seem like a lot for a newborn?? Maybe he's just a gobble guts?!

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I have been pumping so my DH can take a couple feedings at night. Baby girl takes about 3 to 3 1/2 oz but she also eats every 2 hours.

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I had the most painful breasts on the planet with DS1... caused me to quit BFing actually. Also my pump was not the hospital grade awesome one I am renting now and it did not provide much relief. I am pumping because one of my babes will not nurse and the other will nurse for FOREVER but not come anywhere near to emptying my breast, then will be hungry immediately. Today was the first day I got more than 1-2 oz for 20 minutes of pumping... and I have been engorged. Not pleasant. Obviously with twins we both take night feedings but it is nice that I can share the responsibility. They take bottles at night and I pump twice, in addition to the nighttime bottle feedings. I am hoping it will get better as they get bigger. Our babes are a week older than yours. I have to say that it has gotten better.

Are you taking advil and tylenol for pain as needed?
Are you using something warm on them before you breastfeed and something cold afterwards?
Are you deaing with engorgement?
Are you using lanolin religiously? has some great resources. As does LLL's website.

I am doing everything I can think of and my nipples are still sore. DS is sitting in a wrap sucking a pacifier because I am scared to death to put him to the breast again. Wasn't he just there?!?

Good luck. This is really hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is crazy. We are just barely getting by with it.


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I'm not pumping now but was when DS was still learning to latch and we were finger feeding. My nipples hurt so much in the first couple weeks when he was learning. We only supplemented within the first week with pumped milk so even when my milk came in and I was horribly engorged a d getting 1-2 oz, be wouldn't take all of it every time.

I second everything Tiffany mentioned about Kelly mom, hot/cold compresses a good pump lanolin and the LLL. One thing from Kelly Mom website that has always stuck with me about latch is that if it hurts a d is causing problems there's some issue somewhere no matter how "perfect" it may look. DS had/has a shallow latch and it was killing me causing blanching and pain. He mostly does it on one side so I really have to make sure I correct him so he latched and drains the breast properly.

It's really challenging dealing with all this stuff but it does get better in time.