Appointment this morning...and a slight scare

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Appointment this morning...and a slight scare

Hello ladies! Every time I've woken up the past few nights, I've been having a contraction. Then, I woke up this morning to some bleeding...but it wasn't my normal bloody show, so I was concerned. First off, DH was already at work (an hour away) and second, I was kinda freaking out, but trying to stay calm. I gave the kiddos instructions to finish getting them ready for school and I called DH and the drs. office. I was told the doctor could check me if I could come in. I called my really good friend to drive me (just in case, cuz I really had no idea what was going on). My oldest DD stayed home to watch the 2 little girls (they had early release today and an assembly, so classes were only going to be 15 minutes each and she didn't want to go anyway...I was so glad!). MIL was on her way to help. So I went the the dr. and they got me back and dr checked me...I am almost 3 cm--2.5-3. He told me all looked good and sent me on my way. I texted DH before leaving the room and he asked about the heartbeat...he never checked (he's not the doctor I see most often), so I stepped out and asked the nurse to come check. Heartbeat was good, but then I got thinking that I wasn't feeling her move as much as normal. So MY dr. came in and we talked a bit. I've been paying attention to baby's movement to make sure she is still moving like she should. I'm having a few sporadic contractions, but nothing regular. Still having some bleeding, but I got thinking about it and I've never lost my mucous plug before, so I called and talked to SIL about it...sounds like that might be what's happening. Baby has dropped some and every time I stand up, there is a lot of pressure. She could come soon...we'll see! I feel kinda dumb that it might just be my mucous plug, but I've never lost it before with any of my other kids, so this is new to me...oh well! **UPDATE** I woke up at 2 am with my kids--one with an ear infection and one coughing. I got them taken care of and went back to have to get up and use the bathroom again...and there was more blood--more like bloody show, but clotty too. I debated what to do, but told DH what was going on and he wanted to head to the hospital. I was also having contractions--real ones, but we hadn't really been timing them. I started timing them on the way...5-6 minutes apart, breathing through and doing well. We get to the hospital and they take us up to L&D to the exam room and get everything started...I was at 3 cm, heartbeat was looking good. They called the midwife and she wanted us to go walk for a while to see if there was any change. So we walked and walked and walked, the contractions were 2 min apart by the time we were done. We had to go back every 1/2 hour to be checked. The last part of "we were supposed to be walking", DH told the nurse we were staying in the exam room. It was 5:45ish at this point and we were both exhausted and I could only take like 10 small steps at a time in between contractions. When the nurse came back in and checked me, she told me I was still at a 3...and I knew we were going to be sent home...but it took another hour for them to tell us. Needless to say, I left the hospital very frustrated...I came home and took a bath, took a nap and woke up to contractions, took a shower and now I am just trying to see what is going on. We will prob go back up to the dr to get checked again this afternoon. I will KUP as I can.

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Wow I bet that was scary seeing the blood. Glad everything looked okay when you got to the doctor. Maybe baby will be here soon!

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I hope LO stays in a little longer!! Try to take it easy !

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Wow! Almost 3 cm already?!? That's awesome Lisa! Sorry about the scare with the mucous plug....I've never lost mine either,so it would probably freal me out too. I bet you'll be holding Alivia soon!

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Sorry for the scare but glad everything checked out okay! You might just be the next one to go!

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It's crazy how every birth is soooo different. If only they could be the same for each individual woman, then we might have an idea of what to expect. I'm glad baby seems just fine and the bleeding was ok. Phew!

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I would be worried too and would have done exactly what you did for sure!! Glad to hear that baby is doing well and hopefully you will be delivering very soon!

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Im glad everything is okay! Dont feel silly, we all have moments of "Uhh whats going on? Should this be going on? Should I be freaking out!?" lol

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That must have been so scary, sorry you had to go through all that, but so happy that everything turned out fine. So excited for you that you are already 3cm!! I've never lost my plug either so I would have been totally freaked out as well if that had happened to me! Can't wait to hear they are keeping you in the hospital to deliver very soon!