Appointment Stuff & Update

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Appointment Stuff & Update

My 33wk Update: Woo! Had my appointment yesterday and my NST. Baby's HB was 110-150 during the NST & 144 during the Doppler reading. Babe passed the NST but like usually as soon as I left all movement stopped. lol This is my least active baby in the womb so I am constantly poking the poor thing to get him/her to move.

My uterus is measuring 2wks ahead which doesn't mean much to me tho now everyone is like "OMG your going to pop any minute now youre further along than they thought right!? RIGHT!?!??!!" lol

I have another full appointment the 17th and a full screen ultrasound the 20th to recheck the brain, kidneys and of course everything else. My BP is leveling out, no high protein in my urine, back to normalish swelling and I got a blood screen for Preeclampsia. So far I'm in the clear!! Woo! Will get blood results this week. Still looking for a new ob or midwife...eek! Wish me luck!

Currently: Having contractions that I am pretty sure are just BH, but they are sometimes painful and crampy. Ive definitly had more than 4 in the last hour and more than 10 the last 2 hours. So Im chugging water, snuggling on my new bed aka the couch and seeing if they go away.

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I'm so glad your appointment went well! It's hard when you don't feel them move as much as you'd like, I always do more kick counts and try to provoke baby with sweeter things when he makes me nervous.

I hope the OB/MW search comes to an end soon! That has to be stressful. Did you have PTL with either of your other children? I remember your saying that you were induced with each of them due to the pre-e but I can't remember if that was at term or earlier. I hope the contractions die down for you!

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Ya! Glad your appointment went good and OMG I would be dying if I didn't have an OB or midwife by now! Kup on those contractions hopefully they die down!

This baby is BY FAR my most active....she doesn't stop moving! I hope this doesn't mean she's not going to sleep for me out of the womb!

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Sounds like you had a good appointment. I really hope those contractions stop soon!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Glad all is well. Hoping those contractions stop soon. KUP!

Lesli--I think this baby is the busiest out of all of mine, too, and I have the same worries!

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Mia-I had PTL with Kay at 33wks, had a 36hour hospital stay. Then was induced at 36wks. Had Rowan at 37wks.
The contractions died during the night, but as soon as I get up and moving they start again -_- SO annoying.

Lesli-Rowan was SO active in the womb, but slept like a rock outside of it lol Hopefully its the same for you (;