Appointment today (:

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Appointment today (:

Went in had an NST to start things off. Baby didnt move much or have accelerations so they had me eat a sucker, crackers and drink a little sprite to see if s/he would move a bit. After over an hour they finally got what they wanted. Babe passed but they want to have another test Tuesday. Babes HR was 120-150 during the NST, I was having contractions the whole time, some of them were a little on the ouchy side!

After the NST I had the GBS test, and asked to be checked at hubbys request lol He is a numbers man. Im a stretchy 2cm, cervix is still long. Baby is head down, snuggling into my pelvis (no wonder I have to literally lift my tummy to pee!) I got to see the one OB I like at this office and he said he approves of me and my baby prep plans (red raspberry leaf, DTD, walking etc) so woo!!

Me and hubby are debating on just calling in when I go into labor and seeing who is on call at the time, then decided if we will go there or show up at the place we would prefer to deliver but wont let me transfer. (calling this week to BEG an OB to let me switch) I REFUSE to have another crappy birth darn it!

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I am glad baby started moving for the NST. I hope the next one goes better, and I really hope you get the birth you want.

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Hope you get the birth you want... I know by the time I deliver any delivery that results in a healthy mom and healthy babies will be a good one.


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That's a good strip, look at those contractions!! It's stressful when baby is sleepy for an NST and it makes you worry until they perk up. Sounds like things are gearing up nicely for you. You're going to have an amazing birth this time around I just know it!

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Sounds like a successful appt. Glad everything went well.