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Appt today

Had an appointment today I am 2 cm and 50%. The doctor stripped my membranes so let's hope that it does something in the next couple if days.

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Yay! Did you make progress? I can't remember what you were at your last appt.....hope it does something too!

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I was 1.5 and 25% last week. So made a little progress.

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Sounds good! Here's to hoping your little girl decides to make her debut this weekend!!

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Sounds like a good appointment. Hope things go as you plan!

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Yay for progress and the appointment going well! I hope the sweep helps move things along!

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Hope to hear you're in labor soon!

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Another appointment tomorrow?


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Had my appt today I am 3 cm and 80% had contractions starting Monday but it keeps coming and going, the doctor thinks it because I haven't slept in two days. I hope something happens soon.