Arent you sad you are not having a little girl...

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Arent you sad you are not having a little girl...

If one more person asks me this, I am going to explode.

I want to say- we did IVF. You can choose the sex if you desire (they can separate the sperm). We decided not too. This was a possible outcome that we are thrilled with. But, seeing as we are trying to keep the whole IVF thing quiet.... I cant bring all that up.

And no, I do not think wanting a girl is a good reason to be pregnant again. Wanting another child is.

Anyone else getting unwelcome gender comments.

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Wow I am not but I am getting one of each (as far as I know). But who care what they say I love little boys granted Dylan is a handful but he is so much fun!!!!

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When my oldest sister had her 5th boy (and had her tubes tied at the same time) the nurses cried for her. My sister asked them why, she had 5 beautiful, healthy boys and she was happy with that. She got to buy girly stuff for her nieces and now her grand-daughters as well.

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Ridiculous. People just don't think before they speak.

And they probably don't have awesome sons. I am the beginning and end to my son's world and he "protects" me. Total mama's boy. My DD is not like that whatsoever. I would have been thrilled to have another boy this time.

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How rude. I haven't endured that, though I have got some crazy looks if I even suggest the idea of having a third someday because why on earth would I want to ruin the "perfect" one of each thing. Sure that's going to be amazing, but every new baby regardless of their sex is something to be happy about.

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I wish people would really think before they opened their mouths to say something! I'm sorry you are dealing with this! I get comments too, when I tell people we are having another girl--oh, well you will just have to try again for a boy! Are you kidding me??? Grrr!

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We are! We keep getting comments that this one better be boy. This is part of the reason that we hesitated to share the gender in the first place. If LO is a boy, I don't want all the "Thank goodness it's a boy" comments, and if it's a girl I don't want people made it's not a boy. Blah!

Sorry you're getting those comments. It's rude IMO!

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OMG people are so dumb sometimes!!!
I'm having a surprise and lots of people are telling me: you must be soo hoping for a girl! well... not really... I don't mind at all and as a matter of fact, I'd be please having another little boy! Smile
My FIL even said the other day, this toy is gonna be for the little girl... then he said, we better stop cause if you are having a boy we will all be disapointed~~ WHAT!???

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we are getting it from EVERYBODY!!!! This is our second girl together but our third girl total(he has a 6 year old from a previous relationship) and every single person has made the "arent you mad its not a boy" or "so you trying again for a boy" granted we REALLY wanted a boy but we're just happy she's healthy considering my history

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I am having my second girl and a lot of people, especially men, say, "oh, your husband must be mad." He is such a great dad to my daughter that I couldn't imagine it any other way. He has never indicated any disappointment so I don't know why other people want to declare it for him..Ugh!!!! Sorry people are bugging you. Congratulations on your boys!