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My cousin had her twins today--2 girls--Holland and Hallie. They were 6 lbs and 5 lbs 10 oz. I am waiting for a picture and more info. I will hopefully be able to go see them tomorrow! SOOOO excited!!!

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Congrats Lisa!! Love the names and what great weights especially for twins! How many weeks along was she? Hope mama and babies are adjusting well to their new lives together. Biggrin

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Congrats that is great news!!!! I bet they are dolls!

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Ooohhh share pics when you get them!! I love cute little baby pictures. Smile Congratulations to your family!

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Thank you ladies! I can't wait to go see them and snuggle them! They are all healthy and doing well. I think she was 37 1/2 weeks??? Somewhere in there. She was so ready to have them--I'm so happy for her. I will def have to post a picture later!

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Yay for babies Yahoo Sounds like great weights for twins!!

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Hope I can make it that far.. that is awesome!

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That's nice!!!

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I finally got to go and see the babies yesterday--they are so sweet! They got to go home yesterday--everyone is doing well. I sat and cuddled them for quite a while...I didn't want to leave! I will get those pictures uploaded in the next day or two, but prob not today. Smile