Back again!

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Back again!

I thought for sure this pregnancy would be easier since I didn't truly have hypermesis this time around. . I was wrong.


What a nightmare! I had a checkup with my doctor because I'm on class C meds that could possibly cause bad side effects so I see my midwife more often than usual. I mentioned feeling contrax that were probably Braxton Hicks (wasn't sure, never really experienced them before- both my labors had to be induced for medical reasons, my body doesn't go into labor easily on it's own) but my BP was also elevated to 133/91 so I got hooked up to a monitor- a few contractions registered.

Sent to the ER, since if I was actually IN labor, it'd be a late term miscarriage. They stopped and I got held again to change my medications. Bipolar meds are so risky in pregnancy, I guess they have to be watched now everytime they change them.

Anyways, I'm back. No labor for me, but I'm on 2 week appointments and monthly with my high-risk since my BP is starting to rise again and I developed pre-e at 21 weeks last time. I felt so stupid- I've only had contractions from Pitocin drips, I didn't know what a real contraction felt like. I thought I was coming down with a stomach virus- it felt like a low kidney infection with severe stomach cramps.

Partial bedrest and I quit my job. I lost MORE weight so now I'm down 8 lbs total from my starting weight. Baby girl is siphoning everything I eat and I just can't keep down the extra calories to make up for it. I just can't eat alot at one time or even frequently. My "big" ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday so they'll make sure again she's growing correctly. I popped- I look about six months along most days IMO.

I seem to be full of all kinds of drama don't I? Blah- here's to more smooth sailing! Now on to catch up!

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Oh Taylor ((HUGS)) what an ordeal that must have been! Medications like that are so tough because of how much they have to monitor you and all of that. I'm so glad it wasn't labor and that things seem to be going well with little Lorelei despite what you've been going through.

Oh and don't feel bad about the contraction thing, every pregnancy is different and I can't tell you how often I've seen people think they were just feeling like they were getting sick to having it be the real deal. Especially at this stage at the game, no one expects that. I hope that quitting your job doesn't put any financial stress on you. I was on bed rest from about 25 weeks on with DD and it took me a long time to cope.

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Wow! Sounds like you've been through a lot lately. I'm sorry that this pregnancy isn't going as smoothly as you'd like it too! I'm very happy they were able to stop your contractions. I, too, am not sure of what a real contraction feels like. I was induced w/Addison, so they were pit contractions and the other two were c/s. Hang in there! Take it easy and try to get some rest!

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I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. That sounds like it was a very frightening and painful experience. I'm glad your little baby is doing fine and your doctors are taking good care of you and her! Please KUP!

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WOW I am sorry that you are going through all this but I am really glad the both of you are okay and you are getting in to see the doc as much as you are. I hope the contractions stop and everything else goes well for you.

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That is alot to deal with! Glad little girl is ok. Hope the pregnancy gets easier for you as time flies. Take care hugs!

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Thanks guys! I had my ultrasound today and baby girl is 100% healthy with a fat little belly. She IS basically parasiting everything I eat so she's growing but the rest of me is shrinking. The first thing she did was show off that she was, in fact, most definitely a girl.

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Taylor, I'm so glad everything is okay! Glad you were able to get everything monitored and stopped and meds changed and see that baby is growing and well! I hope things start to slow down for you! GL!