Big Appt... Lots of Worries

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Big Appt... Lots of Worries

So, the good news is that they are growing on schedule. The bad news is that we had to see the pediatric cardiologist because apparently there is an increased risk for abnormalities with IVF gestations. They found tricuspid regurgitation in the heart of baby A which may be something or nothing. The babies were moving a ton, really too much for the cardiologist to get good imaging. She doesn't think we need to follow it up though as long as there are no other problems with the pregnancy. Also, baby A is already practicing breathing.

And, the worst news we got was that my cervix shortened from 4cm to 3.4 cm over the last month. Basically, if you have cervical shortening you are at high risk for preterm labor (which is really the biggest risk to these babies). I was told to "take it easy" and "drink water." I know there were times on our trip when I overdid it more than a bit. I think they will start checking cervical length weekly or biweekly, so it will be something else to obsess about.

Also, my BP was 135/82 which is definitely higher than normal for me. They didn't seem too concerned about this. Glad, I have a cuff at home to keep track of it, however.

I talked with the high risk OB about my concerns about having major problems in the pregnancy - so much that I still have not bought a single thing. I know we will need a bigger car and all that... but I don't feel like they are really real yet. Still too much risk. And you know what, she agreed. I reminded myself that when they are born, the only thing we will really need are car seats to get them home. Maybe when they get closer to viability, I will be a little more comfortable with the whole thing. But, this pregnancy is definitely more risky and stressful than the last one where I was able to work past my due date even.

I did buy a bunch of maternity clothes.

This post might sound doom and gloom to some, but it is my reality... and I am dealing with it pretty well. And in the big scheme of things, we really got a lot of good news from the appointment. No evidence of downs, no major fetal abnormalities and they are growing like they should.

Tiffany - 19 weeks plus 5

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I haven't bought anything yet either, it's not real to me as well yet.

That's scary about your cervical shortening. They checked mine first thing at my u/s yesterday after all the issues I've had. I was terrified.

However, I'd be kinda mad that between your cervix shortening and your BP that your dr isn't more concerned. Maybe they're trying to keep you calm? Or maybe it's my past experience clouding my judgement- 130/80+ is considered "risk zone" to my midwives, especially in patients with previous pre-e.

Will they do more ultrasounds since it's twins anyways? That way you could be reassured?

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WOW I am sorry you have to go through all of this. I hope because the doc doesn't sound worried that everything will fix itself and the babies will be fine.

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They are going to check me frequently (i hope) in my new practice. I have an appointment there in 2 weeks. I am also going to take it easy whenever I am not working and hope things stabilize. Pre-e affects 25% of twin pregnancies, so they may just not be surprised by it. Like I said, Ive got a blood pressure monitor at home- so will keep an eye on it. I've got an appt in 2 weeks, hoping things stablize. And I do think they want me to be calm about things as best as I can.

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That's a lot to take in! I'm glad that on the whole, the news was good but I don't blame you at all for being nervous. The cervix thing is scary. I had mine checked with DD around this time and just had it done in this pregnancy too per my history. I hope the heart condition with baby A turns out to be nothing.

I hope that taking it easy as much as you can will help with keeping your cervix from shortening more, and will help with your bp too. I know it sounds silly, but do you meditate or do anything specific to relax yourself? Even if it's ten minutes a day, it can help with bp and other things that can be related to stress. Thinking positive for you!

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Wow--big appointment! I hope you are able to take it easy quite often to help with your bp and that everything will turn out okay with the babies! Good luck with your new drs.--hope they work out better for you. Please KUP!

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It doesn't sound doom and gloom, it sounds like you're being realistic and listening to your doctors. I've kind of had to do the same thing with mine. My friends (one in particular who I feels like just doesn't get it AT ALL) kept trying to sugar coat my complications and tried convincing me to ignore what my doctors were telling me, "think positive" and ignore the risks. Sometimes not everything is positive and it isn't healthy to ignore the risks.

It sounds like you have a healthy outlook and are going to take good care of yourself and those babies. I'm glad that otherwise the babies are looking healthy and you got lots of good news too. Please KUP and I'm sorry you're having complications.

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Definately sounds like a big appointment, but you seem to have a realistic outlook and that's a good thing! I hope Baby A's heart condition is nothing too serious and that it corrects itself as he continues to grow. Definately try to take it easy and KUP!

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Hi Tiffany, well that is a lot of news in one apt! It's a good thing you go back in 2 weeks so you can be monitored. KUP and take care. Are you back at work now? Hopefully you don't work long hours like before!

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I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of that stress. Remember though that positive thinking, hope and faith can go a very long way in the outcome of any situation. Smile Hugs