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Big U/S

We originally weren't going to find out, but for the sake of my son who really wanted a brother, we decided to find out. The u/s was today. I was 95% sure that I'm having a boy, and I was is a boy!

I'm experiencing odd feelings though...I feel almost...underwhelmed I guess? Maybe it's because I have a boy and a girl so I've had the "YAY" experience of my first boy and first girl. I feel like my feelings on this one are cheating this baby, and I'm disappointed in myself for feeling this way. Sad

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Yay for a BOY!!! Just think of all the fun times ahead! You will bond with baby--I had a hard time feeling like I bonded with my last pg, but it came and she's great! It will happen!

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Congrats for your little boy!!!!
Some people can't really bond until baby is actually here!! I wouldn't worry too much...

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Congrats on your :sleepyboy: I've heard of many people being underwhelmed when finding out the gender for various reasons. I think it can be normal, and I'm sure as the pregnancy progresses, you'll begin to get really excited, and once he's here, you'll be thrilled! Congrats again!

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Congrats on the baby boy!!!!! I think once baby is here you will bond.

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I totally know how you feel. I have 2 boys, and a girl. When I found out that this baby is a boy I had mixed feelings. But, I have to say, that as time has gone on, those doubts have minimized. Feeling him move and grow, talking to him, calling him by name, and starting to prepare for his arrival, has gotten me over that hump. I am in love with the fact that my daughter is going to have all brothers... shes already such a princess. She is going to be well protected between her daddy and 3 brothers. Also, my DH brought up that he is a little relieved that we only have one girl. He is way protective of our kids, but is especially nervous about when she hits puberty/teen years lol