Big U/S date!!!

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Big U/S date!!!

I am having my big U/S on August 21th.... let the countdown begin!!! 14 days to go!! Lol
I will be 18weeks 2days. How far a long will you be at your big US??

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I will be 20 weeks at mine, I have mine August 27th Smile

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20 weeks on the 23rd ..

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WooHoo! Not to long to wait.

I'll be nearly 27 weeks when I get my u/s Sad It's so far away!!

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Yay Vicky! I had my anatomy u/s with DD at just over 18 weeks too. Biggrin

This pregnancy, my u/s is TOMORROW :yahoo:. I'll be 19 weeks 1 day.

Holly I hate that you have to wait so long Sad

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:yahoo:Hooray to have your u/s scheduled! Mine is a week from today--the 16th. I will be 19 weeks 2 days.

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That is right around the corner!

Can't wait for you to find out Vicky.