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Binkies (XP)

I know not many of our Snow Dragons have arrived yet, but figured I'd xp this to see what everyone likes to do/has done with their LOs. DD never took a paci and while I don't mind giving one to DS, I'm a little nervous to do it too soon and risk nipple confusion so I'm going to wait a week or two more.

Who's using one? When did you start? If you haven't given one yet, why not and do you plan to? What brand(s) do you/does baby like?

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Savanna had a binkie right from the start I never had a prob with nipple confusion. Her favorite was the green ones they give you at the hospital can't remember the brand and too lazy to go look lol will use the same for dd2

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Dylan never took to them when he was a baby. I will see if it is something Ciara wants but if not I will not worry about it.

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I have used them with all of my kids right from the start while exclusively bf and never had problems with nipple confusion. We are using them with Emily that are Avent brand that we started using after we got home from the hospital but have used Nuk in the past with the other kids.

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We used pacis from the beginning with the three kids, and we'll do the same with Reagan as well. We've also used all kinds of them. The two girls were not fussy about what type they used, but Cameron would only take the Mams. I really like those, and have already got a few of those clean and ready to go for Reagan. Those are also the ones that they use at my hospital, so she will get the same from the hospital as she will at home.

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Thanks everyone! I am so tempted to just try it because he gets SO fussy and gassy and always wants to suck to relax enough to get it all out of his system, but it's like he knows he's not hungry so he doesn't just want the boob. I guess it's a good thing he's not as much of a comfort nurser as DD was, he just gets frustrated with latching sometimes so that makes me nervous but I guess if we try it and he starts to have issues we can just stop using them.