Birth Story

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Birth Story

Jan 9, 2013 (my due date)

Went walking with my friend from about 4:45 pm to 5:15, started having good contrax about 6:00, got really painful but still not too close together, by 7:00 I knew we needed to get things together and get to hospital. Dropped DD off at same friends house about 8:25 got to hospital a few minutes later. Dr checked me I was at 4 cm 80% effaced and her head was right there. He predicted I would dilate fast. Contrax started getting VERY painful got epidural placed but I was still feeling everything. Water broke on its own...trace of meconium. Dr checked me i was 6 cm 100 % effaced. Anesthesiologist adjusted epidural and I was FINALLY numb dr checked again I was complete.. Started pushing about 11:30 pushed 5-6 times. Completely different from my experience with DD (had to be induced, 24+ hours labor)

Alivia Christi Sh****s was born at 11:39 pm. 8 lb 6 oz 20.5 inches. Nursed right away. Apgars 8 and 9

It is now 3.5 weeks later and we are all doing great. Exhausted, but great.

Oh and all I have at home is an iPad so I can't share pics until I can get to a library which will be awhile

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Congrats! And welcome to the world Alivia! Sounds like you had a pretty quick labor and birth! That's awesome! Can't wait for pics!

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Congratulations again Lesli! Sounds like a pretty quick labor! Glad things are going well!

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Congrats hun!!

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Congrats glad things went well!!

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Congrats and WTTW Alivia! What an awesome and quick birth!!