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Birth Story

Jan16 I went in for my 39w appointment. Nurse took my BP and it was high, like holy cow high. She had me go pee in cup, then lay down on my side while I waited for the NST room to free up. About 10 minutes later the room was ready for me so I got all hooked up and it was obvious baby wasn?t pleased with my high BP, nurse took it again and it had lowered but it was still very high. My urine came back with a spike of protein, oh lovely.

NST showed baby perk up and I was having small contractions. OB decided since baby was a flipper (going from transverse to breech to head down) and had moved again to send me to L&D and flip babe and strip my membranes and get babe out since I was clearly on my way to being very ill with preeclampsia (once again ugh) I had managed to avoid pre-e until 39w so I was a happy camper.

Me and the whole gang; hubby, Kaylee and Rowan headed on over to the hospital. Got undressed down to my bra and tank climbed into bed and waited for the OB to head over to flip baby again. They needed a good strip before and after the flipping so I agreed to be hooked up to monitor babe. Dr L used ultrasound to guide him as he flipped baby and then stripped my membranes. I was going to stay over night because I was already contracting lightly on my own and my BP was shooting up and falling quickly. Babe looked great.

Since we had the whole gang my husband left with the kiddos to eat, take naps, etc. I stayed and bounced on my birth ball, walked, did everything I knew to keep babys head down and hopefully drop into my pelvis as not to risk another flip. Hub had gone to pick up my grandmother so she and my MIL could watch the kiddos during labor and delivery. They all came by and we hung out for a while, it was nice to be able to see my babies before labor, I got to snuggle them and give kisses and hugs.

Everyone except hubby left around midnight and me and hub tried to get some sleep because at 3am I was going to get a low dose of pit to jump start labor.

3am-nurse comes in to start pit. She isn?t confident that baby is still head down. Calls for OB
330-Dr L uses ultrasound and see?s baby is in fact still head down. Starts low dose pit. Sleep through most of my contractions

6-7am-Dr K takes over. Checks me, baby has moved. Stop pit, get a shot to stop contractions. Use ultrasound to move baby, baby doesn?t want to stay head down. Wait 15 and try again baby moves a little but not fully head down. Shoulder and elbow are facing cervix. Dr K says we?ll have to wait for Dr L to try.


9-11am-Labor starts on its own. Hub and I look up techniques to flip baby during labor. Its very painful. We try everything we can find. I labor over the back of the bed mostly, hubby rubs my back and hips during contractions. We try new techniques every few contractions. I know I am entering transition and hang against hub for a few contractions before moving back to the bed on all fours. I start begging for pain relief, I don?t really want it but I think I do.
12pm Dr K comes in says I cant have pain relief, checks me Im 9 cm! Im so proud of myself. But then she looks worried and says baby didn?t move, babys shoulder and elbow are lodged into my pelvis. I need a csection NOW. Im crushed. I was SO close, my natural birth was RIGHT there.

I realize I just want baby here safe. They start prepping me. They give hub the run down of what is going to happen. Im silently freaking out inside. About 5 minutes later we are all heading to the OR. They tell hub he cant come in yet, hand him scrubs and tell him to dress out in the hall while they get me ready and they?ll come get him.
From here I remember little: I remember crying because I was terrified. They couldn?t get my spinal in because my body was shaking so much and my contractions were on top of each other. Last thing I remember was a mask being put on me and me screaming.

Neither my husband or myself were there for his birth. They refused to let him in (we never got an explanation as to why since we had discussed this and how it would work many times in the event baby flipped and I needed a section.) I had a "double csection" I have an upside down T shaped incision. They had to use a vacuum to get him out.

Luca Gabriel (BOY) was born 1.16.13 at 12:53pm he was 8lbs 2.5oz 20in . He was given to my husband shortly after birth and my hubby loved and snuggled him the whole time.

I lost a ton of blood, had/have a massive hematoma that was being fed from a huge artery and nearly had a hysterectomy. I had two blood transfusions. I missed much of Luca?s first 2 days of life because I was so out of it and so weak. .
6hrs after birth my husband and an LC from the hospital held Luca to me to nurse, he did it like a champ from what I hear. I had to be told multiple times that I had the baby, that it was a boy and he was healthy and happy. I don?t remember much from the days before and after, that scares me and makes me sad. It has been pretty traumatizing for me.

Two/Three Weeks later: I was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in my lungs, arm and leg, a HUGE infection of my uterus.I may lose my uterus because of the hematoma and infection but we wont know for sure until I have finished antibiotics at home. I have been in the hospital for it for 5.5 days, away from Luca, unable to love him, kiss him, nurse him, smell him. Its been heartbreaking and hard. I?ll be going home today 2.8.13 with a picc line, blood thinners, home nurse care (they will be giving me antibiotics and blood draws).
Luca means: Bringer of light which is perfect since he is the only light in this dark tunnel I?m in.

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I'm sorry to hear that you had such a traumatic birth experience, and my heart is sad for you that you missed out on so much of his first weeks of life. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you recover soon! Please KUP when you are feeling up to it.

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Wow how scary all of that must have been. I am so happy you are all okay and I hope you have a fast recovery. I will keep you in my thoughts please keep us posted.

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Wow, I'm really sorry you had to go through all that. I know how much you wanted this babies birth to go your way. I hope you are recovering quickly and can get back to your baby really soon.

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((HUGS)) oh Ashley I am so sorry things have been so rough for you with Luca's delivery and recovery. I am so glad you are both safe and that you're able to go home. I hope being there helps you to recover as quickly as possible. I can't shine what you're going through but I am amazed by how strong you are. Keep us posted when you can but get plenty of rest. Thinking of you and WTTW baby Luca!!

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Thanks for all the love and support ladies. This is far from what we wanted or even thought would happen, I finally broke down and cried and let go of some of my pent up anger and stress. I am home now, hoping to stay out of the hospital and not need another surgery.

Luca is doing wonderful, we're back to breastfeeding (we'll have to take another 24 hr break due to my CT coming up) He was my biggest baby but seems the smallest! I love him dearly and am hoping to keep bonding with him, I feel like Ive missed half his life already being stuck in the hospital.

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How wonderful that BFing is back on track and that you're able to be at home to bond with him. As hard as it is to have missed those early days, hopefully time will help ease that pain a little bit as you are there to watch him grow and develop. I hope your other LOs are adjusting well to their little brother's arrival.