Bleeding (M/C ment.)

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Bleeding (M/C ment.)

Well I started bleeding last night and it has started to get alittle heavier like a period. Not really crampy but just have a heavy weight feeling. If i hadn't taken a pregnancy test I would of just thought it was AF.
Never had this happened before so I'm thinking this is the end. My pregnancy tests look lighter then before too.

Without really knowing how far along I am, I don't know what to do. Do I call the doctor tomorrow to see what's going on or do I just assume it's a M/C and wait it out?

This is so hard. I have never been more confused in my life. ughhh!

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I am so sorry. I would call the doctor, just to be safe. Hopefully, it is just regular spotting during pregnancy.

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I am so sorry. I would call the dr because if it is a m/c and you have negative blood then they need to give you a shot.

I hope it's not a m/c and just spotting.


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I agree with pp i would go to the ER def ! I hope its just reg bleeding not AF

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((HUGS)) As the pp said, I hope it's just normal early pregnancy bleeding. I would defiantly call my dr if not go to the ER just so you can know what's going on. KUP on how things go.

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HUGS.... i would definetlty go to the ER for a check up....

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I'm so sorry. I'd definitely call a doctor, since you know that it is a m/c. They want to make sure everything is okay, even if you were really early.