Bleeding / Spotting... TMI

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Bleeding / Spotting... TMI

Since getting pregnant I've been spotting/bleeding at least once or twice a week. Usually it's after (TMI) I have a bowel movement (and no it's no hemorrhoids) or if I played with Hunter too much the day before (lifting him.,.. he is 42 pounds). When I clean my floors I also bled the day after!

My midwife says I have a fragile cervix....

I soo hate it.... this morning I went washroom and bleeding again! urggg... but I know yesterday I gave Hunter 2 piggy back rides so it may be related!......

Anyone else ??

I hate it cause every time I see blood, I think miscarriage.

Sorry for the vent....

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I have had a similar experience lately. Scared me too. I am going to get a doppler for this reason. I hope everything progresses well for you. Luke has literally jumped off my stomach into the pool. He was supposed to jump off my thighs. Ugh.

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((HUGS)) to you both! I would be really scared by that too, even though I've heard of many women who've had completely successful pregnancies despite it.

Oh and why do toddlers/kids always seem to want to do everything on/around your uterus when you're pregnant?!?

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Vicky (((HUGS))). It is scary!

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"MissMia" wrote:

Oh and why do toddlers/kids always seem to want to do everything on/around your uterus when you're pregnant?!?

Seriously!! My daughter LOVES kicking or pushing her feet on my stomach when we're grocery shopping. It didn't used to be a problem, cause it's not mean kicking, just playing/exploring with her feet. Now I have to teach her it's a "no-no." She has not been amused by this new rule.

To the OP: I've also heard of lots of women having bleeding in healthy pregnancies. I know it's upsetting for you, though! I hope it lets up soon so you don't have any reasons to worry.

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Feel for is so, so stressful. I am one of those who has had successful pregnancies with bleeding. Not this time (yet), but with my first and second babies. With my second, I was positive I had miscarried, there was so much blood. But baby was in there moving around and everything. Have you had extra ultrasounds? That was reassuring to me, at least for a while, to see that the baby was okay.

I hope it stops soon for you.

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Kara: I had a early ultrasound at 8 weeks because of the bleeding and baby was fine.... my next apt. is July 9th so I will be able to hear the heart with the doppler.

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I had the same thing happen to me in my 1st trimester. I'd have spotting after lifting stuff at work. I was always afraid that I was losing the baby, but luckily it stopped happening. Just try to take it easy, which I know is probably hard with a 3 year old!

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Vicky - wow Hunter is a big boy! Robbie is 43 lbs and just turned 7! Hope the bleeding stops for you. So happy you are having another.

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HI Margaret!
Yes, Hunter is a big boy!! Tall and big built.
Nice to here from you and thanks!