Bouncy Houses, NSTs and ICP symptoms (long) XP

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Bouncy Houses, NSTs and ICP symptoms (long) XP

I know I mentioned this a little bit in the chat thread, I just don't want to flood it. Thanks for listening ladies!

A play date at a bouncy house (where I barely did anything) with DD yesterday has turned into an NST last night and a repeat today. I was surprised they sent me yesterday because the worst thing that'd happened was some innocent BH contractions that afternoon. I'd only called the MW office because the bouncy house said no preggos should go inside. The on call OB seemed overly cautious, but better safe then sorry. The l&d nurse last night explained with bouncing, they worry the same way they would in a car accident about placenta detachment so I had to go back this morning for another NST as the first 24 hours afterward are the most important.

The OB today (different from on call yesterday and who I have always liked) at first thought this was all overreacting too but then noticed I was having some "cramping". I did mention that on the drive to the office this morning I had some cramps but no contractions until I was there (and these were still just BH, just tight and a little crampy). She isn't sure if this is from the bouncy house, or just the pregnancy getting further along so I am seeing my MW on thursday to be rechecked. Baby looks great and my cervix is closed though she said it isn't very long.

I get home under the instructions of rest as much as possible and call if I have any PTL symptoms (ie real contractions, bleeding etc). TMI warning I use the bathroom and notice my stools are a bit pale. I thought it might still be normal but it's a big ICP tip off which is odd as my levels last week were still in the normal range and my symptoms haven't been worse. Beee Hoping this is all just a false alarm and real bed rest won't be in order. DD has been having such bad separating anxiety with me lately it would be extremely difficult for her to be in someone else's care.

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Wow, now that is some excitement (that you probably did not want or need). Hope everything goes as well as it can the next few days.


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Sorry that you're dealing with this. Hopefully your appointment on Thursday will go well and bed rest won't be necessary! Thinking of ya!