Can't sleep...

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Can't sleep...

Insomnia has come and gone this pregnancy, but the last few nights have been pretty bad. Benadryl still works, but only for about 4 hours and I try to avoid taking it. Its not like I am going to bed early... just waking up at 3am and cannot go back to sleep. I know getting up on the computer tonight was silly.. but it is 4:30, I needed a snack, and couldn't help myself. I hope you guys are faring better.


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I'm sorry about the insomnia Tiffany! I've been having issues with it too. DH usually is out of the house by 4 am so it's really hard to go back to sleep as my body seems to want to get up at 3 anyway.

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Well I wasnt up that early this time (although it has happened plenty this pregnancy) but I'm up an hour before I need to be....I could really use that extra hour! Hope you get some relief soon Tiffany!

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oh yeah it is tough trying to get some sleep. I hope you all can get some sleep soon!

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I am having issues sleeping, too--between the heartburn and insomnia, sleep isn't going so well for me. Sad Hopefully we can all relax and get some good sleep soon!

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Yes i feel your pain !! Only that my issue is that i keep waking up because im sooo gassy and poopie lol i know TMI ! Ughhh its sooo friggin annoying Sad

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I am not sleeping well at all. It takes me 1 1/2 to 2 hrs to fall asleep and then I don't stay asleep. Between trips to the bathroom, heartburn, and leg cramps, I'm miserable. I keep telling myself it's only for a few more weeks, but then I have to remember I won't sleep well for at least a year Smile Sorry others aren't fairing well either!

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I feel your pain! I cant fall asleep until 12-1ish am then wake up 4-5 times until 7-8am! Its exhausting!

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I came on your birth board to get an update on you and as soon as I saw "can't sleep" I knew it was from you! I feel for you. I remember how frustrated it was because you are utterly exhausted but can't force yourself to sleep. I found the only thing that help was a warm bath. I usually woke up at 12 and then 3 and the only way back to sleep was a warm bath (although at the time I was suffering from chloestatis And that was the only thing that would stop the itch so I could when try to fall back asleep). Unfortunately insomnia is common complaint amoung women pregnant with multiples. You're in the home stretch now Yahoo