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Who likes using a carrier for their LO? Which brand do you enjoy the most? Any that you (or baby) dislike? Why?

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Heidi doenst like carriers, she likes Mommys arms!!;)

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I don't have one with Reagan, but with Lauryn I had a Moby and I LOVED it! She was a very colicky baby, so I couldn't put her down, but with her in the Moby I was able to do so much. The only thing that bothered me about it was that after awhile I felt like it was loosing up a bit, so would have to take her out and re-tie it. Otherwise, no complaints!

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I have a chicco and Carter likes it but he prefers me holding him lol!! My boy

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Neither of ours like the Moby this time which is so frustrating because obviously there are not enough arms in the house to get done what needs to get done. Hayden hates the Ergo but I am hoping he will like it more when he is bigger. He likes to be front facing but I refuse to go buy another carrier.