Cereals and solids

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Cereals and solids

Not sure how many ppl will even see this, as our board seems to have died... but I'm going to post anyway in hopes that you all come back! I miss talking to you ladies. Sad

Have any of you started cereal or solids yet? We started Spencer on rice cereal about a week ago.. and man, is he ever a hungry hungry hippo! He will eat an ENTIRE baby size bowl of it. We tried oat cereal as well, but he had a very bad allergic reaction to it. Eyes swelled, lips swelled and a rash. Not sure if it was the oat, or the wheat in the oat. We are going to start trying some other foods this week. I think today I'm going to try some prunes. With all the rice cereal he is eating I don't want him to get constipated.

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I started Julie on rice cereal in her bottle a few days ago. She had acid reflux and the pedi said just a small amt of it will help things stay down. I'm soooo excited about buying baby food when the time comes!

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We have just started rice cereal here too! Reagan doesn't seem to like it, but she's quickly realized that if she takes a bit she gets a drink of formula afterwards. She's gotten much better about swallowing since the first time I gave it to her. I bought some green beans, and we'll be giving those a try here in the next week or so.

Amanda, that's so scary about Spencer. I'm glad he's okay. We've never had any major allergic reactions here, thank goodness! Lauryn had a reaction to peaches when she was this age, but she eats them now w/no problems. I've never done prunes w/my kiddos. I'm too scared of the diaper after that Lol