Ciara's birth story

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Ciara's birth story

Born Jan 10th

Started having contractions on Monday the 7th did not sleep Monday or Tuesday night. Was us Wednesday at 4 with the worse headache and thought it was my blood pressure. So called my doc office hen they opened at 8 knowing I had an appt at 1. They sent me to labor and delivery my bp was fine and my contractions stopped. They checked me I was 3 cm and they sent me home. Went to my doc appt at 1 doc stripped my membranes and said he thought I would go into labor soon and said to wait a week before I schedule my c section.

So I went home called my mom asked if she would watch ds so I could try and get sleep. So I went to bed woke up at 430 pm with contractions. DH and I started timing them and they stayed 5 min appt. at about 930 pm we decided to head to the hospital because the got painful. Labor and delivery checked me and I was only a 4 so they told me to walk the halls and if I didn't make any progress in 45 min I would have to be sent home. So we walked the halls when they checked me I went from a 4 to a 6 in 45 min and I w as admitted.

Asked for an epi right away and that didn't work they had me lay on a different side waited an hour or so still wasn't working so they suggested another one. I said okay while I was getting it I almost passed out so they gave me a shot of something that made me better. Then when they finished the epi and laid me down I felt funny my mouth went numb. I guess they hit a vain and had to take it out. They said if this one didn't work then I just wouldn't get one because I was already 8 cm and went through the entire thing naturally. 3 rd epi worked and I was able to get some sleep.

Work up an hour latter feeling pressure so I woke up husband first thing he thought was the epi wasn't working. I asked for his help calling the nurse. So we called her and I told her about the pressure she said it was just baby moving down and said to relax and she would be in to check me. Then when we got off the phone my epi alarm went off because meds ran out. So I called her back asked her it hurry because meds ran out. So when she got there she changed the meds and I told her I felt like I had to push. So she checked me and we like of yeah it is time. She said she wanted me to do a couple practice pushed because it could take a while. So I did one practice and she told me to stop because she had to call he doc. When the doc got there it took me another 10 min of pushing and she was out. Ciara Paige was born at 540am jan 10th 7lbs exactly and 19 inches long a successful v bac!!

We are doing great she is a good breast feeder and sleeps pretty well at night.

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So glad you got your VBAC! She is so cute!

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Congrats on your VBAC and WTTW little Ciara!! I can't believe that you had to go through three epidurals that sounds awful. How awesome that she's nursing well and sleeping decently.