Constipation **Updated**

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Constipation **Updated**

Reagan has been constipated since Tuesday. We have been doing Karo syrup and it isn't working. It is breaking my heart to see her so miserable. She has cried nonstop since yesterday. I don't know what else to do for her.

**Knock on Wood**
I think we have solved the constipation issue. We switched formula twice and found one she can tolerate. We also switched to drop-in bottles with latex nipples. She has had 12 bm in the last 2 days. Hoping no more trouble for a while!!!

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Oh no poor girl (and mama!). For us a lot of times just gas drops and cuddling would relax/distract the kids enough so they could go. If nothing helps by tomorrow or Monday I personally would call the pediatrician just to see what other options there are.

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My ped said to give 1oz water or half ounce of water and half ounce prune juice

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You can also try gripe wate

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Holly, your poor girl! I used Kayro syrup to help my DS1 when he was constipated too. If you give her water, maybe steep some chamomile tea in it? That's very relaxing and is good to sooth the tummy. Then sweeten it with a little Kayro. I hope she's feeling better soon.

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Are you formula feeding or breast feeding?