Could be joining you all...(XP)

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Could be joining you all...(XP)

I'll be posting this here, Jan and Feb since I have not a clue where I fall yet! Somewhere between Dec 25th and Feb10th...I think!

Well I am Ashley, I'll be 24 this year. Ive been with my husband for 4.5 years, married for one July 1st, we met online and have been together since our first date. We've had our ups and downs, most recently a big down, but with help we are becoming stronger than ever! We have a 3yr old daughter Kaylee, a 4 MONTH old Rowan and just found out we are expecting!!

This is a huge shock and nothing that was planned. I was using OPKs to track O, never got a +, never got my PP AF either sooo needless to say we are clueless as to when this kid was conceived (we've only DTD 2x since Ro was born but I cant for the life of remember when the first time was :x )

I have to wait for our insurance to kick in before I can see my midwife&OB but hopefully within the next 2 weeks I'll know my EDD(: Look forward to lurking and getting to know you all!

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Welcome and congrats. I am lurking on the February board as well, as I am due at the end of January.

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Congrats and welcome! I hope you get your EDD soon. Looking forward to getting to know you more!

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welcome and congrats!

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welcome and congrats! HH9M to you!

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Congratss!!! How amazing that your kiddos are so close in age!!

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Congrats, I'm so excited for you!

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congrats and welcome!

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:wavehello: Hi there and welcome! Wishing you a HH9M!

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Thanks ladies! (: A shocking yet wonderful surprise for sure! I think I am about 10-8weeks based off my symptoms and whatnot so I think I am more Dec/Jan than I am Feb. Biggrin Hopefully I find out my EDD soon (:

Crazy to think I will have babies a year apart.