CVS test results

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CVS test results

My CVS test results came back and my translocation tests.

I do not carry a potential genetic disorder gene and our baby tested NEGATIVE for Down's and other genetic disorders. From what they can tell, it's a very, very healthy baby GIRL.

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So glad you got good news and congratulations on your baby girl! Smile

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Congrats on your healthy Baby Girl:sleepygirl:

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Woot!! Woot!! Congratulations on a little princess!! I'm glad you got good news today Taylor!

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Congrats on the healthy baby girl!!!!

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Congratulations on your healthy baby GIRL, Taylor!

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Yay Taylor!!! Congrats on your lovely little GIRL!!!!!

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YAY congrats!!!!!

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That is awesome your baby is healthy!! I am amazed they can tell the gender already. That is so cool

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Deanna, they looked directly at a strand of fetal DNA extracted from the placenta, so they could see exactly if the chromosomes were XX or XY.

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That is so cool...I want to know now too but my u/s isn't for 6 weeks!