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DHA pills

Is anyone taking the DHA pre-natal pills? I took them with my last pregnancy that ended around 11 weeks. I hated them, because they gave me the worst burps that made me feel sick. I talked to my Dr. and he said I don't need to start them until the second trimester, which is coming up. I know the 1-a-day brand comes with DHA pills, but I am going to see about taking a different brand. Is anyone else taking them yet?

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I bought some and took them for a few days at the beginning of my pregnancy. They also make me ridiculously sick. I read lots of reviews on amazon and had some hope that I would be able to tolerate them, but I really can't imagine that now. I have been buying milk and eggs fortified with omega 3s, some of which specifically contain DHA. DHA-fortified chocolate milk is so much more palatable at this stage of my pregnancy.

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I had a few that were free samples. I took a couple, but then stopped taking them. Come to think of it, I haven't taken my prenatal in a couple days either. Oops! I usually take mine before bed because they make me sick, so I figure if I'm sleeping it isn't so bad Smile The ones my OB gave me were the Similac prenatal/DHA pills.

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I can't handle regular prenatals and while the VitaFusion ones aren't bad, I don't like that they don't have iron in them so I take kids chewables. I'll have to check if they have DHA but if not, I'd be fine drinking a fortified milk or the like. I've heard a lot of people complain about DHA containing pills making them feel sick.

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I take this:


It doesn't make me have weird burps at all...I don't notice anything with it actually. With Amazon's subscribe and save, it's $11/mo.

For prenatals, this is about the best you can get I think...it's a whole food vitamin so your body easily absorbs it.


With subscribe and save, it's $29 and change for a 2 month supply.

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I take prenatals only.