Diaper rash

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Diaper rash

So Heidi has a diaper rash for about 2 weeks now... it's red red and sometimes swollen. Tried vaseline and sudocrem and it doesn't go away. My midwife suggested I use canesten cream in case it was a yeast thing. Didn't work either. Checked online yesterday and some web site suggested corn statch. So tried that since last night....
Any body has any suggestions?
Oh and on the internet they said if a baby has a diaper rash before they are 6 weeks old, to go see a doctor? But my midwife saw it. Plus I had a visit from a health unit nurse and she didn't mention going to doctor either?
My doctor is out of the office for 2 weeks so if I wanna see a doc, I would have to go to the ER. Don't feel like going to the ER for a diaper rash...???

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When Cam gets them really bad from ear infections we use corn starch. Any other time, we use Bag Balm. It comes in a green metal container. I think we got it at Wal-Mart. Sorry that you're dealing with it so early on. Hopefully it will clear up soon!

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Ciara had it really bad it started bleeding I would lay her on a towel and let her air out. Also every diaper change we use aquaphor healing ointment, and corn starch posed comforts for baby. This started working in just two days.

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We haven't dealt with it with John, but the one time DD got a really bad rash we used A&D like we normally would but we let her "air out" for as long as we could once she was cleaned up. I hope you can find the right combo for Heidi's skin! I wouldn't worry about the doctor unless you're really concerned and don't want to wait to talk to the pediatric nurse or try other remedies.

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i actually use aquaphor for so that he doesnt get a rash i have desitin but im not going to use that until he starts to eat solid foods and he has to be changed more often but i will use the aquaphor in connection to the desitin

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If the rash smells like baking bread and has white-ish discharge in the skin folds, it's probably a yeast rash. The redness looks like a burn in my opinion. If that's what you have on your hands, use Lotrimin cream on it. Philip had this a week after birth b/c of using Pampers diapers. (Both my youngest sons had a bad reaction to those.) I use warm soapy water to cleanse the area at diaper changes and then fan his toushy area until it's completely dry before applying a thin layer of cream. It cleared up after a few days and hasn't been back. I tried medicated corn starch powder before this method and it did nadda. It might not work on a yeast rash. HTH!