Do you trust OPK's??

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Do you trust OPK's??

I'm a little confused this month. I've had tons of ewcm for about 5 days before I got a +opk. The day I got my +, my ewcm had dried up quite a bit. So I'm just wondering if I should trust that opk? I just always usually get +'s when I still have ton of excm, not when it's gone, kwim?? We BD'd either every day or every other day just in case. Wink

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what kind are you using? same thing happened to me this month. got ewcm like 2 days.. then nothing and got a + a few days later.. so I went with it.

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My cycle was like this. I hadn't used OPKs in a long time as before it was just to figure out when I O'd because of BFing but I always have buckets of ewcm when O is around but I had EWCM way before this time. When the OPKs said I O'd I had just creamy stuff before but then it dried up by the time I had a +. I guess I trust it this time because I had implantation spotting 4 days after my last + OPK but in general I'm not sure I would. BDing every other day is a good safety net though! :goodluck:

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Just wanted to say good luck!!!!!

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Um, "kind of." I think they're accurate but I also think they react differently to everyone. I often get my first positive on the day I O or the night before--so for me they only give me about 12 or so hours notice. I think most people get at least 24 hours. So....for me I use them more as a confirmation, but I don't rely on them entirely.

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I use both CM and opks as indicator. So if I have a ton of ECM I assume I am fertile and go from there. Smile

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I trust OPKs. You typically ovulate on the last day of EWCM, which is why only using CM can sometimes not work, because you only know after the fact when you ovulated.

You might have a short LH peak. You might need to test more than once per day to accurately pinpoint ovulation.

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I generally trust them- my cm can be kind of wonky the last year of TTC... the year before it lined up perfectly with opks... However I did notice the cycles I got a BFP that the LAST day of my + opk is the only day I BD and it still worked- so IDK if they're sometimes too early or too late for some people... I think every other day would definately cover it though!