Don't wont to jinx it but...

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Don't wont to jinx it but...

Heidi slept 7 to 8 hours a night WITHOUT walking up for the past 3 nights!!! So happy about that!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
Unfortunatly my son is very sick with strep throat and fever so he's been waking up at night but at least it's only one not 2 at a time!
Prayers appreciated for my boy. He's been sick since Sunday night. 5 days now of fever and pain. Saw 3 doctors, had chest xrays, blood tests, antibiotics and is seeing a ped next week. His tonsils are huge, full of puss and he has a hard time swallowing and breathing especially at night.... my poor boy... and my DH is leaving for a business trip tomorrow till Wed night... wish us luck!

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Glad she is sleeping well.

So sorry about your son hope he feels better soon!

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WTG Heidi! That's awesome!!
Sorry that Hunter is so sick. Hope he feels better soon!! Poor little guy!

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Sooo jealous but happy at the same timee!!! I hope your son gets better soon !!

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I jinxed it lol!!! She slept 5 hours yesterday But STILL GOOD!!!

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WTG Heidi! I hope Hunter is on the mend soon, that sounds awful! Business trips always seem to coincide with sick kids. Sad