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Is your little bambino getting a visit from the Easter Bunny this year? If so, what kind of treats will be in there? Will he/she meet the Easter Bunny for a photo op? What's your Easter tradition, if you have one?

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Reagan will be getting a visit from the Easter bunny. She is getting 2 outfits and a teether. Not too much this year but enough to know she's loved Smile

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Heidi is getting baptised on Easter. After the church, Im having family over for Easter supper. There will be no bunny but she wll get plenty of attention and love !

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Luke has been wanting a Chick Hicks car for many months and I found one at Aldi's. I also found some yummy german chocolates. Basically we decided to get him stuff we wanted (candy-wise) and not to get a lot of it. His grandpa operates a hardwear store and one of these days they will have chicks there. I can't wait to get some photos then.

Oh, and I think the Easter Bunny will do something very small for the boys... I like the onesie and teether idea.


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We'll get him a basket. I was thinking of getting him a little tag blanket or a halo sleep sack as I was going to buy him one anyway as I think he'll be done swaddling sooner than later.

My mom sent up some things for the kids and for John she sent a rattle toy and some water teethers so I'll put those in his basket. We have a ton of books but I thought of getting a new bedtime book for him.

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I think Philip is going to get a small basket too. I was thinking of putting some jarred baby food in it. LOL I like the teether idea too, so maybe that will make it's way in as well. I'm *hoping* to get pics of all three boys in their Easter duds on Easter day. Hopefully I'll have some pics to share and not just a smeared photo with lots of tears. Those seem to be the usual when I snap more than one photo.