Electric Breast Pump Suggestions?

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Electric Breast Pump Suggestions?

My cousin that had the twins last week is wondering which breast pump to buy. I only have a manual one (that doesn't get much use), so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions??? TIA!

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I don't breastfeed for my personal medical reasons (certain medications are not negotiable and are class D so I switch back to them after delivery) but on my old March board, I couldn't stop reading awesome things about Medela PIS and Ameda brand. Sometimes insurance will cover them too!

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I have this one used it with Dylan when I was working and at home to get storage and I loved it!

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump - On-the-Go Tote - Medela - Babies "R" Us

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I used the Medela Pump in Style too. My IBCLC said it's the one they recommend because it's the best at stimulating the breast most like a baby would. I had to use it a lot in the first couple of weeks as DD had a hard time latching so I had to pump and finger feed. I kept pumping (to keep my supply up while she learned and for a stash) for a long time. It still works great and I plan to use it again whenever I need to pump for John.