Few questions....

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Few questions....

I feel like a newbie mom, but I have a few questions.

#1 I have not bled much since delivery and the last two days has been nothing. Is this something I should call my doctor about?

#2 Reagan has days and nights mixed up. Did/do any of your little ones? What did/are you doing to help them switch? I am so tired because she is up most of the night.

#3 She will not sleep in her crib. She will only sleep of someone is holding her and I am not okay with that. How do I fix this?

Other than that, we are settling in. I hope to get pics and a birth story up sometime today Smile

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I would call your doctor about the bleeding because your uterus should still be shrinking and there should still be blood. I am two week postpartum and still have light spotting.

The days and nights I would just try keeping her up more during the day and that might help make her more tired at night but this should be a gradual transition.

As for the holding I would try elevating her crib, maybe put a phonebook under her crib mattres see if that helps.

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I put a call in to the on call on and she didn't seem to worried. She said some women just don't bleed a whole lot, but if I start to feel too much pain to call back Monday and they will get me in for an ultrasound to make sure the blood isn't backed up. I don't know. I did bleed a bit in the hospital but not as much as I am used to. I asked the nurse before I left and she didn't seem too concerned either. She did mention her shock at how much I had shrunk back down. I don't know what to think.

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Holly -
Glad you called your doctor about the not-bleeding-too-much thing.

Our son Hayden does not like to be put down, ever. We do have a Rock n Play for him to sleep in at night. We are actually going to have to find a way to bring this with us on an airplane next week - that is how valuable it is. A moby wrap works for us during the day. There are some cheap swaddle wraps at Walmart that also are working well for us. They have velcro. We make sure that naps during the day do not involve the Rock n Play or swaddling and we keep things well lit and let our son play at full volume. That said I am no expert in this department and with ODS - he slept on my chest on the couch for the first 3-4 months of his life - not ideal. But it was the only way we got ANY sleep.

Hope you get something figured out soon!


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We slept with Addison, too, and I just worry. I know we're not supposed to, and DH isn't the most careful person when he's sleeping. He's such a heavy sleeper too. I guess we'll play it by ear. Today was a bit better as far as keeping her up during the day, so we'll see what happens tonight. Hopefully each night will get a bit easier!

Good luck with getting your Rock n Play with you on the plane. I hope it's an easy solution!

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Congrats on your darling baby girl! My DD was like that where she refused to sleep unless she was being held and it got old FAST. Do you swaddle? Swaddling her TIGHT sometimes "tricked" her into staying asleep, as well as propping her mattress up a bit on an angle (we thought she was maybe dealing with a bit of reflux). But overall, I slept with her in my arms in bed (with my back to DH and a small pillow on the other side of her) for several weeks if everything else failed and then we started working hard to getting her sleeping in her bed. Those first 2 or so months, you just gotta do whatever you can to get sleep. When they are a bit older and you are more rested and less chaotic from having a newborn, you can focus on good sleeping habits like being in their own bed if you prefer that (like I do). Good luck!

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Hey as far as bleeding i didnt bleed much either in the begining but then gradually i started bleeding more then it stopped and started over. As far as days and nights go its reallly common and eventually she will break out of it in 2 weeks or so once he gets used to being out . My ob said that one way to fix that is at night make it as dark as possible dont durn on the lights to change her .. Dont talk to her make sure theres is little to no over stimulation .. After u feed her and rock her to sleep put her down .. When Carter first came home he fussed in his crib but liked the bassinet part of the pack and play. I would also try to swaddle her that worked for Carter most nights

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Sorry I'm late chiming in on this!

With Emma, my bleeding was really scarce after the hospital because I had to be "cleaned out" due to a postpartum hemmhorage. It was very back and forth so I wouldn't be too worried but I'm glad you talked to your OB just to give you peace of mind. With John my bleeding was mild but did get a little stop and go at around three weeks.

John defiantly has his days and nights mixed up. I try to capitalize on him being up during the day and feeding him more frequently during the day but even his pediatrician said it's just something they have to figure out so it can take some time.

Both my kids are big cuddlers/like to sleep on/with you. I find if I keep my hand on their tummy and behind their head/neck when I lay them down and stay like that for a few minutes when I lay them down, sometimes it settles them. If you do end up cosleeping just to get some sleep, I'd just have her between you and the wall/rail as DH is naturally going to sleep a lot heavier then you are when it comes to her being in bed. Sometimes really soft bedding helps us too. I also would be careful to only put her down once she's really out if she won't go down just drowsy.