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So we have a name we agree on FINALLY I just hope it sticks! It's a name I told dh AGES ago and he nixed, now all of a sudden he loves it and doesn't remember me ever giving him that name :rolleyes:

And Lisa I know this is the same name you are naming your little one but I swear it's just a crazy coincidence!

Alivia Christi Sh-----

Olivia is actually a family name on dh's side, we just like the spelling better as Alivia, and Christi is dh's mom who died when he was 13 years old Wink


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Very cute! I like the tribute to DHs mom (: Glad you got decided on a name...Unlike us. I think my baby will forever be KnoNayme

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I love that you included DH's mom's name... as a mother of boys I know how much mommies mean to their boys. And I am glad you finally agreed on a name. It would have been hard for us if we had had a girl, too, as I was attached to a name that DH did not like.


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Beautiful name! I too love the tribute to DH's mom. It must feel so great to call Alivia by her name. Biggrin

Ashley - I am sure you will find the perfect name!

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That's great that you came up with a name! I have Olivia on my list too, except we would call her Livvy. I think your DH needs to have a talk with my DH and get him on board with a name for our little one. DH had suggested the name Lila a looooong time ago (before we were pg), and I loved it... and then when I suggested it, he said he hated the name?! :confused: BUT YOU CAME UP WITH IT!! Lol So we are like Ashley, still nameless!

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so cute I love it!

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Ooh, I LOVE her name! I could never be offended by you using the same name as me...I am always looking at the names other people use for ideas. I'm so glad you were able to agree on Alivia. And I love, love, love that you are using DH's mom's name. What an awesome tribute! We like to use family names as the middle name.

Good luck to all of you still searching for names! You should start a name thread and we can all post ideas for you. Biggrin

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Cute ! Glad you finally agree.
We agreed on Micah William for a boy
Heidi Emma for a girl. DH wanted Heidi Sara (his mom's middle name) but Hunter is insisting on Heidi Emma so why not? I think either one is cute. Plus I feel it's important that Hunter has a part of this decision.
He wanted to change Micah William for William Micah but he won't win that one, Wink

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Lisa, dd's middle name is June after my grandma Wink I love using family names for middle names too!

And I agree those who still need names post a thread and we will try to help!

I asked Savanna what she thought about Alivia and she LOVES it! Every other name I have ever asked her she giggles and says "mom, that's silly" this time she said " yeah mommy Awivia is so cute!" I told her the middle name was Christi and she got all excited because that is her preschool teachers name lol

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Love the name!!!

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Love love love the name !!