finally had my appt!!

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finally had my appt!!

Well I have no Internet at home right now so I will be in and out until we get it again.....finally had my 11 week appt on Mon and everything looked perfect! Got to see baby and heartbeat was 158 Smile got some Zofran too so feeling better (but more tired) will get my u/s pic up when I can! LO was doing flips for us while we were watching!

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Awesome appt! Sorry about the internet stuff. So glad you checked in.

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Glad you had a great appointment!! Thanks for checking in!! Can't wait to see pics of your peanut!

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Yay how wonderful about baby showing off for you! Can't wait to see pictures. I hope you're able to get your internet back soon. Thanks for the update!

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Glad the appt went well and I cannot wait to see pics of the little one!

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Oh yay!!Glad all is good! Hope you get your internet back running soon!