Finding out the gender...

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Finding out the gender...

Am I the only one who's having a SURPRISE?

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Nope, I'm having a surprise too! I found out with DS1 and DD1, let it be a surprise with DD2 and DS2. I loved the surprise, so I won't be finding out with this little tie-breaker either. Smile

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I loved that you called your little one a tie breaker that is so cute!!!

I really wanted this one to be a surprise but I am not sure if I will need a c-section or not. So if I do need a c-section it just will not be the same.

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I would love for this peanut to be a surprise, but DH is adament that we find out the gender. Not sure yet what we'll do, but I have to wait until the end of October for my u/s, so I've got time to try to persuade him Smile

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I had surprises for the first two and was really happy I did....especially the first. I totally had no problem waiting. This time, for some reason, I have no desire to wait for the surprise. I think I feel that way because I waited a long time for this pregnancy (over 2 years), and went through so much to achieve it. I just want to start to get to know who's in there as soon as possible, I think.

My husband wanted to know ahead of time for the first two so he's all about finding out. We want to involve the older two when we find out and make it fun and memorable for them too. Soooo......I'm about 95% sure we will be finding out early with this one.

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I always wanted a surprise baby, but DH is adament that we find out...every time. While I would like to have one surprise, I really like to be prepared for baby, we will be finding about 5 weeks hopefully!!! Smile

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We found out what we were having with DD and I was fine with that. I was liking the idea of a surprise for this one but DH really wants to find out so I agreed, under the assumption that we can have a surprise with #3 whenever that happens.

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We are having a surprize! We had a surprize with DD and I loved that moment so much when she came out and they said "it's a girl", I cried and cried and just kept saying omg it's a girl... it was great. Can't wait to do it all again! Smile

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we thought about having a surprise but because its our first we just wanted to know and be ready. and im terrible with surprises. we actually go in today and see if we can see the boy or girl parts. i hope the baby will cooperate.

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We already found out due to CVS testing so. . .no, no surprise here. I wanted it to be, since we have one of each already, but DH was pretty adamant about finding out. Now I'm glad we did because everything I buy is going to be pink, pink, and oh yeah, pink. It's most likely my last child so I'll be buying pink like crazy!