First Appointment Today

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First Appointment Today

Like the title says, I had my first prenatal appointment today with my favorite midwife in the practice I go to. It was all the typical family history, blood work (I also opted for the quad screening again just for kicks and the NT scan) and physical exam. We didn't listen for the heartbeat because it's so early, but having had a u/s last week I'm not worried.

I go back at 13 weeks and have my NT scan the day before my appointment. Because I had preterm labor and delivery with DD, they recommended I do these progesterone shots from 16 to 36 weeks (once a week at the office) as they've prevented preterm delivery in all their other patients thus far. They didn't mention any risks but I'm going to double check at 13 weeks. I totally trust my team there and going as close to/a little past my EDD is really important for me. I didn't have many issues with DD but it was still hard on me having her early.

She seemed to think my uterus was a little bit larger for 8 weeks but wasn't concerned.

Thanks for letting me share!

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Sounds like a a great appointment!!

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That is great your appointment went well. I have never heard of taking progesterone shots to prevent early delivery, but my DS went past his due date. That is pretty interesting. Hopefully it gets you to your due date!

I declined the NT scan for my last pregnancy but I may do it this time for the extra u/s!!

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Sounds like a great appointment! That's awesome that you've got a wonderful team looking out for you and baby. Hopefully you'll avoid any PTL issues this time around and hit your due date, or a smidge before Wink

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"dea8885" wrote:

I declined the NT scan for my last pregnancy but I may do it this time for the extra u/s!!

I do the whole thing mostly for the u/s. I don't go to those non medical places for them so I figure if this is going to be a normal pregnancy it's my only other shot at a good face pic before having the baby. Of course I'd want to know if something was wrong so we could be educated about it, but it's always fun to see the baby.

Holly - I would love for baby to come any time after 39 weeks although that'd be Christmas week so it'd be a little crazy. If I have cholestasis again we'll have to deliver at or as close to 37 weeks as possible as the last few weeks are the most dangerous but I'm keeping my mind set on being the minority that doesn't get it and have a nice uneventful pregnancy. Biggrin

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Happy you had a nice apt!

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Is it a once/week shot?

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Glad your appt went well!

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Glad it went well!!