First Trimester Screening

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First Trimester Screening

Is anyone having this done? The ultrasound and blood work that checks for Downs? I didn't have it done with my other two, and even though I'm only 30, my doctor was really encouraging it today, and unlike most doctors, I trust this one, so I'm thinking about it. Thoughts?

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Im not doing it because of the risk of miscarriage and other because im 24 . I will do the NT scan though

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The first trimester screening is just bloodwork (usually coupled with an ultrasound), so no risk of m/c. It sounds like you may be thinking of amnio.

I won't be doing the first trimester screen, too many instances of results indicating increased risk when everything is fine. I gave it a little more thought this time around since I'm 36, but decided not to do it.

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Oh im thinking of 2nd tri either way im not doing it

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Yeah, I was reading about the false positives, but also that a positive only really indicated that you had a 1/300 chance of having a baby with an abnormality, indicating that further testing should be done. My other two kids were born in birth centers with midwives, and this one will be too...but I did happen to find a really awesome doctor that I'm starting this pregnancy with because at the birth center I go to, I have to have a MD visit at the start. He recommended the screening since I will be birthing out of the hospital and if there was a problem it would be good to know I guess.

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I did with my first and will with this one, as I'm 41 with a medical condition, so I would like to know. Only if the NT scan is positive for Downs will I consider amnio.

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I am planning on doing it, mostly just for the extra ultrasound. And there is no risk to the baby unless you decide to do something like CVS or amniocentesis. Of course, if it is positive it will make you worry.

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I did it with DD and am doing it this time too. I'm not worried about anything, but if something was going on I'd just want to be able to mentally prepare for it. Even then It'd take a lot to convince me to do CVS or an early amnio but I trust my OB/MW team whole heartedly and they're great about not getting too worked up about things when there isn't always a need to. I also loved the NT u/s with DD.

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I will not be doing it. I did not do it with my other pregnancies. If I were a bit older, I may consider it, but am not planning on doing it this time around. I'm already a huge worrier, and I think this would stress me out even more if the results came back indicating a risk of a problem.

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I will just do the blood work nothing else.

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I think they just did the bloodwork for Sophia, because I remember them asking about the Down's test and then coming back with a "negative" result. Or I think "1 in 4,000" is how the doctor put it.

I plan on having the same thing if it comes up. I'm kind of indifferent when it comes to that kind of testing, unless it's something my OB thinks is really necessary.

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I am not doing it for the same reasons Holly stated. I had thought about it before, but my first ultrasound made me so nervous. Anything freaks me out lately.

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I didn't for my 1st pregnancy. This one, I'm 33 (next week) so I'm thinking about it. Want to do it for the extra u/s. But don't know yet. Seeing my mw for the first time Monday so I'm sure we will discuss it.

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I did it with my 3 successful pregnancies, more to have another peek at my LO!

After my daughter was stillborn, we decided to do an amnio with our last child, because I had enough to worry about that I knew that I did not want any surprises on "birth"day. (My RE told us that the m/c stats on amnio that people talk about are very outdated and based on when tbey used to do them without u/s)

I will be doing both again this time (partially because I am 41)

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"Audgee" wrote:

I will be doing both again this time (partially because I am 41)

So, you're pg? Congrats!!! Biggrin

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I have CVS testing scheduled on June 21. Down Syndrome is on both sides of our immediate family and I have a few health conditions (fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis) that apparently made my midwife decide that I should go ahead and have it done. In my clinic, you have to be approved to have it performed and I was. I'm very nervous about it.