Found out the genders!

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Found out the genders!

Twin Boys!!! More trucks, trains and sports for us. Since I am a bit of a tomboy, I think this will suit our family just fine. I guess I get to stay the princess, when I feel like it. Camping trips should be a lot of fun. Anyway, I am really excited. We still have not told our son Luke, but we plan to tonight. Hopefully the anatomy scan will go well in a few weeks, but regardless, they are his brothers. I am sure I will feel a twinge of sadness now and then that we never had princesses and prom dresses, but my sister has a beautiful little girl and we can spoil her rotten.

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Oh Tiffany!! How awesome is that!!! Little boys are soo much fun!!
I really would like another little boy.... but I would be ok with a little girl too.

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Congrats Tiffany!! As bittersweet as it must be in a way not to have a girl, I'm sure your boys will be SO close and all just adore you. Biggrin I am so aching to have a boy some day. I love DD to death, but I've always wanted a little boy. Smile

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Congratulations on your twin boys!! That's wonderful news!!!

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woohoo! congrats on having twin boys! thats so amazing!

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Congrats! How exciting!

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Oh yahoo twin boys congrats!!!

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congrats that's awesome!!!

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Congratulations on your little BOYS, Tiffany!

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Congrats Tiffany! A pack of boys.....that is going to be loads of fun. They love their mommas so much too.

I actually wonder how it's going to be with 2 of one gender, and 1 of another. This one will break the tie for us. I wonder if someone will end up feeling left out sometimes.

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Congratulations! Boys are so fun!

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I definitely know what you mean. I think this is perfect for our family, because my husband is a great role model and I feel good about the kind of boys he brings up in this world. He loves sports and is a very involved dad; I know he will be coaching them in their sports, doing all the scouting stuff, etc. I come from a family of three; my brother and I were very close until my sister came around and then he did feel left out - though he was always momma's favorite. Unlike my first pregnancy where I really wanted a girl, I am really happy this time around. If I had wanted to control things, they can actually centrifuge sperm and you can select the gender at our RE's office. Crazy I know.


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Congrats Tiffany!! What fun - a house full of boys!

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Congrats!! My mom has a theory that more boys come from IVF than girls. My sister has two boys from IVF and my cousin has twin boys from IVF. I love little boys. They are so so sweet!

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Congrats! Can they tell if they are identical?

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2 boys... how exciting!!! Congrats!

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Oh wow!!! Congratulations!!! How exciting!!! Biggrin