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Free (pay shipping only) products

I just got my issue of Family Fun magazine today and it had an ad in it for a free carseat cover. I figured there was a catch, but I went online to check it out. Sure enough, I got a beautiful carseat cover for only $11.95 shipping. Then they gave me another code for a free nursing cover and a free baby sling. Here is the info if you want to check it out.

Carseat Canopy Code:familyfun912
Udder Covers Code:carseat
Seven Code:carseat

Each of these items is between $35 and $50 normally and I got all three of them for $36. Hope this is helpful to some of you.

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I got a coupon w/these links from my OB. I'm waiting until payday to get one. I think the carseat covers are adorable! TFS the info Biggrin