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GBS positive

Just want to pick your brains about something. When I went into L&D a few weeks ago for the bleeding they tested my urine. Today at my OB appt. the doctor told me I tested positive for GBS in my urine, so I will have to send away another urine sample to see if it's cleared on it's own or if I need antibiotics. Anyway, she said because my urine tested positive, I won't need the swab done later on and that they will automaticly just give me the IV antibiotics when I go into labor. With DD I was GBS negative, accorrding to the swab. However when DD was born she went to the NICU due to a fever at birth. (which we still don't know the cause of) Is it possible that I was positive then and it just didn't show? Or is it something I developed since then? Can you be negative with one pregnancy and then positive with another? You would think being a nurse I would know this, but I've always worked in family medicine or geriatrics so I have NO CLUE about this baby stuff! LOL

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I'm sorry about the positive result. Beee

I have heard people talk of being positive at one screening and not another (weeks apart), thus refusing antibiotics, however the CDC's current recommendation is that if you test positive at all that you get the antibiotics anyway as a precaution. The idea of a IV isn't fun, but if it was me I'd just want to get to the hospital early enough to get the antibiotics out of the way (my thought is then you can just go with the hep lock if you're not wanting to be tied to the pole).

As far as I know, it can vary pregnancy to pregnancy as to whether or not you're a carrier (test positive).It's hard to wonder about things like that with previous LOs. I constantly find myself cross referencing things from each pregnancy against one another despite knowing every pregnancy is different.

I couldn't find anything off hand to support the idea of testing positive one time and not another within one pregnancy, but I found these articles helpful. Hope that helps!
Group B Strep: FAQs
Group B Strep Infection: GBS : American Pregnancy Association

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I tested negative for GBS with both girls and postive with Cameron. I was shocked because I had been negative with the girls. They just gave me meds through my IV prior to my c/s.

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Sorry you tested positive. I think my SIL tested negative with a few pgs and positive with others. I've always been negative, though.

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It can definitely be different from pregnancy to pregnancy. My sister was positive with both and her second baby was born so fast they didn't have time to get an IV infused. The baby ended up in the hospital for a week getting antibiotics. If something like this happened to me, I would have to look it up as well... ask me about septic shock or pneumonia, and I am your gal, though. Smile


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I was GBS pos. with my first, and neg. with the last 2. My ob is going to test me next week since I have a history of early babies. When you did the urine test was it for sure a clean catch? It could be that it was on the surface, and not actually in your urinary tract. If they do give you antibiotics I believe they would still need to do the GBS test closer to delivery. But, I know that a lot of doctors err on the side of caution and if you test pos. once during a pregnancy then they automatically put you on antibiotics when you are in labor.