Had my first gender dream last night!

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Had my first gender dream last night!

I had my first gender dream last night, and it was a baby girl. It was a strange dream...I went to bed in the dream being like 12 weeks pregnant and woke up in the hospital after delivering the baby. My mom was there, and she wasn't very happy. I also had some friends from college visit who I haven't seen in years. It was very strange, but made me smile. It's the first of many gender/birth experience dreams to come!

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I have so much strange dreams lately, it's crazy... but nothing about gender yet.

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I haven't had one yet but I am excited to find out?????

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I am having strange dreams too, but nothing about the gender. I know the chances are highest that I will get one of each.

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I've had lots of freaky, strange dreams too. Most of them have just been weird, but only two of them have been about birth. In one of them, I gave birth to a baby boy 2 days after DS2's birthday (June 15th) and I was worried because I didn't have a birthday cake! In the one last night we were dropping our kids off for the monthly "date night" at the local Y, and I gave birth to a baby boy there while waiting to sign them in! In that dream I was just disappointed that I didn't get to use the birthing tub, lol.

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Oh I remember those dreams! I almost always was delivering when I had gender dreams too. I've been having consistently weird dreams (although in the last few weeks they've been less scary/intense thankfully!) but nothing about gender yet.

LOL Sonja. It's funny how the most random things worry us in our dreams.