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Is anyone dressing up for Halloween? I have Bunco this Weds and it's required to dress up.....I'm going to be a Mummy....with little eyes poking out of my belly and a bow in her hair Wink

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I dont know what i want to be for halloween to be honest i really haven't given it much thought ! Im going to google ideas now !

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I want to see pics if you do! I don't think I will it probably will be to cold.

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Im going as mother earth. I am getting a greek goddess costume and spray painting gold glitter on it, adding leaves and branches that will stem from a hole in the dress at my belly that will be painted a heart or earth I havent decided. Then I got a branch wreath and added glitter, butterflies, birds and leaves. (: Im excited lol

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I love the mummy and mother earth ideas! I haven't decided what to be yet. DH is really big on taking DD trick-or-treating this year which is nice as he has to take a half day in order to make it home in time to make it to trick-or-treating. We'll have to post pictures of what everyone comes up with!

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I don't know if I will dress up this year, but the mummy idea is so cute! (I decorated my front door to look like a mummy). Smile

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That sounds so cute! We aren't dressing up, but DH really wanted to go as Popeye and Olive Oil if we did.

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We are going to a Halloween fundraiser and my MIL wanted us to dress up... but I haven't come up with any good ideas and I have no time to put something together. I feel so big already, I just want to lie around anyhow.