Happy Mother's Day!
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Thread: Happy Mother's Day!

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    Default Happy Mother's Day!

    Our first Mother's Day with our snow dragons is approaching! I can hardly believe it's almost here.

    Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? Any traditions?

    We will be spending some time with DH's side of the family on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day and my MIL's birthday. It's nothing big, but it's nice that they like to get together a lot. We're going to visit my mom out of state for a long weekend next week which will be nice as she doesn't get to see the kids much.

    I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I know this week has been brutally long here as DH has been working later than usual and we all had a stomach bug for 3-5 days.
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    Sorry for the stomach bug argg
    DH has been working late too and tomorrow too
    Nothing planned for mothers day. We will visit with my mom and my MIL too... I will give them pictures of our family (little booklet made professionnaly).
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