Heidi's birth story

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Heidi's birth story

Saturday January 5th, 2013 at 2:37pm
Weighing 8 pounds, 2 ounces
Measuring 19 and a quarter inches
Born at 37,5 weeks

Heidi Sarah....

I woke up at 5:30am thinking I'm pissing my pants!! lol!! Ran to the bathroom and went with my business. Changed went back to bed and it starts to leak again.... went to the bathroom again, changed and woke up DH saying: my water broke!! I was 37,5 weeks pregnant, not suspecting at all!!
With my first, my water broke with a big gush. Then my contrax started right away, strong and my labour was 5 hours (but pushed for 2h15 hours).
This time my water broke but was slowly leaking. I thought I was gonna start contracting right away but it started around 8 o'clock.
Called my mom and midwife. Mom came to watch Hunter and my midwife said to get to the hospital when contrax are more strong and close together and she was gonna meet me there. So we left for the hospital around 10:30am. When I got there I was 4, almost 5.
I asked for an IV to be put in so they can give me pitocin as soon as baby's out so that my uterus would contract. (Last time I gave birth, I bled ALOT after my son was out and they had to gave me pitocin to stop the bleeding (which took 2 hours).
So I had contractions, they were strong and in my back.... ouch.
Got checked again and was at 8.... got discourage and started crying... my labour with Hunter was fast and I really thought this one would be even faster... but no...
I went on all fours to help dilating...
Then I was ready to push. Took 10 minutes!!! It hurt like crazy, I was screaming my lungs out!!
Out came Heidi, what a surprise, really thought I would have another boy! Was happy.
They gave me pitocin, then placenta came out and not to much bleeding!!
NO tears or cuts this time, wow!!!!! Smile
The only thing is I feel my cervix or something is sticking out of my vagina a bit... Sad My midwife looked at it and she thinks it's my bladder. I feel something down there when I stay up to long....
She said to wait it out a bit then go see my doctor.
Besides that, all is good!
Heidi is good during the day and at night, a little fussy...
She's breasfeeding like a champ!

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Sorry it took longer than expected but sounds all in all like it went well. Hope whatever you are feeling down there heals up fast.

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Congrats on your little girl.

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Congratulations on your baby girl!

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Congrats on your baby girl! Thanks for sharing your birth story!

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