Hope you don't mind another IVF miracle....

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Hope you don't mind another IVF miracle....

I've been testing with OPK sticks for almost a week now, and I finally went and got a pg test which said this:

EDD is Feb 1, 2013; however, I had my DD when I was induced at 39 wks due to my own health issues...I suspect this one will therefore come early. I am beyond excited to be here, but b/c I have had previous losses in the past 2+ yrs, I'm scared. This is my 1st IVF, glad so far that it seems to be working out.

Congrats and HH9M to all! Hope we all have sticky beans!

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Congratulations!!! HH9Ms!!!

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Congrats and welcome!!

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:woohoo: I'm so thrilled for you!! Congratulations and HH9M to you!

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**Lurker** OMG!!! I SO SO OVER THE MOON FOR YOU!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so stalking you!! I am so happy Smile Can you tell!!!! Sending super sticky vibes and I know you will have a HH9M!!!!

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Yay congrats!!!

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Welcome. I'm ecstatic that you are here.

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Thank you everyone, been waiting for this for over 2 years!! Smile