Hospital bag

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Hospital bag

Its been 4 years since I've given birth and I need to get my bag put together....all you other BTDT mamas share all your must haves for the hospital

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back massager, robe, slippers, outfit to wear home, nursing bra, clothes for baby girl (take home outfit and pic outfit), toothbrush and paste, shampoo, phone charger, cash, and blanket for baby girl.

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oh yeah baby book for her hand print and foot print.

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I added hairbrush and my iPad / books

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Nursing tanks (I always get annoyed with any of the more "normal" type nursing bras and I like the stomach coverage with the tanks), hair ties and bobbi pins, digital camera (incase I don't want to use my iPhone), notebook (I like to keep track of things/journal/whatever. I am also bringing slipper socks this go around. I bought some $10 slippers at wal mart with DD that I really liked, but I figure the slipper socks have traction and will take up less space.

iPad is on our list too.

ETA: With DH's clothes/PJs I've also got an extra pair of shorts incase I want to be in the water (be it tub or shower) and need his help/want him with me. I don't mind being naked but I'm not so sure he'd be comfortable that way hah. I am also throwing some stickers in our bag as I want to have something for DD to have when she comes but I haven't had time to get her a big sister gift yet.

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I'm trying to remember what all I put in mine. Here's my list:
Going home outfit for both baby and myself
Several outfits for baby to wear in the hospital
Bibs for baby to wear while feeding
My belly binder
Baby book for hand/footprints
Phone charger
My own pads and my "granny panties"

That's all I can think of for now....

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3 tank tops/Cami's (One for delivery, one for labor/tub and one for after birth)
1 Nursing bra
Universal Charger
2 pairs of sweats
Make up bag (vain I know, but it also has hair ties, and deodorant lol)
Shower travel bag (shampoos, body wash, toothpaste etc)
Change of clothes for DH
Toys and books for kiddos
Flip flops for shower
Depends Women (WAY more comfy than mesh undies and pads)
Snacks for me and DH
Ace wrap for tummy (helps uterus and tummy shrink up)
Birth Plan
And Im sure I am forgetting stuff lol

I over pack but I like to be prepared